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Queenstown Qigong is a branch of the Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing, founded by health and personal development coach Kim Knight.

What is Qi Gong and how can it benefit?

Qigong are self-help exercises for restoring one's natural state of health and harmony. Qi (life force energy) is the fundamental building block of life, from which our physical body, mind and emotions are built. We could say that our body is solidified Qi.

If we have healthy Qi (both in quality and quantity) then we will experience good health, happiness and wellbeing. You can liken your Qi (energy) reserves to how much money you have in the bank at any time - obviously a healthy bank balance is much easier to live with than deficit!

If our Qi levels are depleted, we will experience health problems (including serious illness), unhappiness, lack of joy, depression and other negative emotions, low energy, and stress. Lack of Qi also manifests as many other life problems, for example, difficult relationships, career problems and more. It pays to regularly manage your Qi to stay healthy!

Queenstown Qigong offers a number of different Qi routines for improving one's Qi state, including standing, sitting (meditation) and moving Qigong. These exercises work simultaneously on all levels of one's being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Practicing Qigong therefore improves one's whole life, not just physical wellbeing.

About your teacher

Kim is a certified instructor with over 20 years experience and training in 3 different schools of Qigong. She teaches in person workshops, online classes, personal sessions and tailor-made groups, and also has many online 'on demand watch anytime' self-help trainings.

Contact Kim with your goals, and she will tailor a class for your participants.

More info at and keep up to date on Facebook at

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