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Adam Greenwell Agency is a Connector.

More than twenty years experience with my own multimedia projects ( music, a book, event planning). With the UN/UNESCO-affiliated global humanitarian work of my late mother, Professor Elizabeth Greenwell, since 2000.

My role is to draw together people and projects , investors and prospects, and businesses and clients. Since my permanent move to Auckland in July 2020, Adam Greenwell Agency works on behalf of international companies wishing to do business in and from New Zealand. For the year beginning 2021, Adam Greenwell Agency will focus on introducing  patented world-class cyber security products to the New Zealand business market, and IT infrastructure management, through our existing and future New Zealand partners and affiliates.

Adam Greenwell Agency will then return to its more familiar territory of promoting New Zealand entertainment globally and international celebrities and artists in New Zealand. Adam Greenwell Agency is partnered with a leading American fund-raising company that has worked with the Executive Producer of American Idol. Adam Greenwell Agency acts as an Advisor, New Zealand, to World Growth Forums. Adam Greenwell Agency is appointed to act on its behalf and represent it only to the extent of engaging with clients for raising business through Magazine Feature Sales or Sponsorship for research-based listing projects for persons/products/companies/brands for World Growth Forums Magazine and its other platforms/other media services, and World Growth Forums events published, offered and/or organized by World Growth Forums. World Growth Forums maintains contact with senior officers in the Administration, Police, Judiciary and Finance in the Rajasthan State of India. The presence of Chief Minister of Rajasthan, several other ministers of Rajasthan and top bureaucrats of Rajasthan (all decision makers for national & international investments) for our World Growth Forum 2020-21 is ensured. The venue of our World Growth Forum 2020-21 is Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan State of India.
Commissioners and Consul Generals in 70 countries, as well as all-India connections with Ministers, politicians, bureaucrats, social workers, Bollywood personalities and businessmen.

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