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CarbonClick connects good people and businesses, with amazing Carbon Offsetting projects, that will help restore the planet we've damaged - putting it right for future generations.

These projects enhance biodiversity, provide social impacts such as creating the next "Milford Track" for future eco-tourism & pest management employment opportunities, as well as fighting climate change.

We do this a number of ways.

1. We empower individuals to calculate and understand their footprint, and allow them to subscribe to offset what they can't reduce. related to this - we have a program (Climate Friendly Teams) which allows a business to provide this education, reduction, and offset opportunities for it's whole team, to stretch a business influence and leadership across their team.

2. We allow businesses to calculate and understand their carbon footprint, and we allow them to either offset their business, their products (so they can retail climate friendly products), and we allow a business to add a button to their online e-commerce sites, so that their clients can make each purchase climate friendly including the shipping of those goods out to those clients - so they can too join your sustainability movement.

We help businesses tell the story of what they are doing so well in the sustainability space, so they can be rewarded as they deserve to be, for taking the leadership role in this area. Ask us about a brand partnership to really drive your impact to the community.


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