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My name is Shakeel Lal (Shak); I have been in the Insurance sector for over 14 years. My last role was as a Business Development Manager and a core part of my role was  training advisers. I also used to run a training academy for new aspiring Financial Advisers.
My main mission is to help simplify and educate busy professionals and families about insurance and protecting who you love and care for the most…your family.

I also work with business owners to help them understand that while having protection for your plants/equipment is essential, it is equally important to protect the people who are driving force of these plants/equipment.

I have worked with hundred's of claims in my years in the industry and have seen many issues people face by not having the correct policy ownership or Buy/Sell agreements in place. Insurance is not just a matter of paying your premiums. How it is set up, who it is set up for and why it is set up all need to addressed and understood before the deal is locked in. This is where working with a trusted and knowledgeable adviser is critical.

I can offer the following services:

Personal Insurance
Business Insurance
General Kiwisaver advice
ACC Levy reduction
Group Insurance
Referral to Mortgage brokers - who i have personally worked with and trust.

REDUCE financial stress, letting you enjoy life, not worry about it
PROTECT what’s important to you and your family
BUILD a plan that reflects your unique values, goals and dreams
RECLAIM valuable time to spend with family & friends, instead of crunching numbers
ACHIEVE your goals and dreams through personalized, comprehensive advice
LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST knowing that your plan will adapt as you and your life change.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards


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