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As our tagline says, Kind Face is a manufacturer of products restoring people and planet.

Removing the marketing lens we are a specialised commercial sewing business in Avondale, fiercely passionate about making beautiful products here in New Zealand from premium natural materials which revitalise people with better sleep, greater relaxation, and improved comfort.

These are a few of our most popular products;

  • Weighted Eye Masks
  • "New Zealand's Pillow" - The Cloud Wool Pillow
  • Linen + Wool Sleep Masks
  • "New Zealand's Duvet" - Premium Wool Duvet
  • Natural Heat Packs
  • "New Zealand's Cushion Inners" - Featuring Cloud Wool
  • Body + Buddy Pillows
  • R & R Gift Packs

We are a values based business and believe businesses and consumers shouldn’t have to choose when it comes to doing the right thing for the environment, and the local economy. There is only one choice in my mind, and that is choosing to be the very best business we can be, which includes being kind to New Zealand, kind to the environment, kind to kiwi businesses and of course kind to you.

We’d love to claim that we are 100% sustainable, but that is not practical! What we can do is continue our mission to do better and be as kind to the environment as possible while creating the best sleep and relaxation products that we can. We are always reviewing the materials we source (both locally and internationally) and the way we do things to support our long-lasting commitment to sustainability and kindness for our planet.

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