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Time is precious, and so are you.

MATER Beauty is on a mission to help busy women, especially mothers, put themselves at the top of their endless to-do list and take a momentary pause. Because they deserve to be nurtured too.

MATER Beauty: Effortlessly powerful self-care rituals for the modern mother. Offering fruits of nature with a blend of clean science.

The already multifaceted demands on women have further intensified in our fast-paced modern world, calling for solutions that address their lack of time, and desire to have it all, through a holistic approach to skincare and haircare that promotes wellness and self-love.

Minimalist skincare and haircare with maximum effect.

Taking a few minutes every day to apply the products is provides moments of stillness to enjoy some luxurious self-care while delivering visible results that don’t require much thought or time, thus making self-care attainable for even the busiest of people.


New Zealand owned and managed. All products are manufactured in NZ.

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