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We all have talents, passions, gifts to share. But many of us are held back by our inner-critic, fear of judgement, patterns from the past or lacking in skills to communicate our needs and boundaries. Empowering your journey, so you can thrive on all levels is my expertise. I help people and organisations to flourish, and to work in cohesion with the people and land. This means I help people improve their relationships by being the best version of themselves. Your relationship with yourself, your body, your nervous system or intuition. Also supporting you to improve your external relationships: developing healthier romantic relationships, workplace relationships, parenting skills or being the best practitioner or boss you can be. Your family, friends, staff and clients thrive when you thrive.

Empowered with Raphael is focused on blending science, psychology and alternative wisdom to help people and organisations thrive. This is a holistic approach. So for an individual in private coaching we will focus on not just your mental health, but on important physical health aspects, emotional regulation, your nervous system, people pleasing, how you communicate and patterns of subconscious behaviour holding you back. For those who are feeling disconnected from nature and desire connecting to their intuition, I have specialist coaching and support for intuitives.

For an organization, this means supporting struggling staff as a sounding board and counsellor 1-1, and supporting teams to communicate openly and in a way that improves performance and inclusion. I also work with organisations to create an environment so that people want to stay and build a reputation for being a great place to work to attract in talented people.


I’m based in Wanaka, New Zealand and work in person but the majority of my work has been online and have supported people and organizations in nine countries.

While I am a qualified counsellor I work a little differently from a typical counsellor, I am also a coach, so I am focused on actionable steps to help people make positive changes. I have the knowledge and qualifications to work through some mental health challenges and addictions that other coaches don’t have the skills for, but I also draw on a range of alternative modalities and holistic practices when needed.

With a background in consulting and board positions, I bring a strategic lens to your health and well-being as well as to an organization. I have experience guiding strategic shifts and developing cohesive team culture, as well as specialist education and consulting in Diversity and Inclusion. I have worked 1-1 with clients running their own sole trader business all the way to executive roles to support them to thrive and to be the best leader they can be.


I have qualifications in a range of areas including as a qualified counsellor through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, a current Psychology Major at Massey University, a breathwork facilitator through the Yoga Alliance, Seleno Health certified cacao practitioner, reiki certified and so much more, I also have 3.5 year experience working with clients through Empowered with Raphael so let my clients results speak for themselves and check out below.

With an Advanced Diploma in Public Speaking and Communication, Managing Successful Programmes Certification, Agile Trained and certified, specialist Diversity and Inclusion consulting experience, Board of Directors trained, as well as half a decade of experience as a consultant working on projects in both the public and private sector throughout the Asia-Pacific I have extensive experience to support organisations implementing well-being support, creating inclusive environments and fostering positive team culture.


If you want to learn more about my journey into this work and who I am today check out my video share on the “about” page.
I can support you in three different ways depending on your needs.

Busy people who don't want to survive, but want to thrive and create a positive impact in their work, family or community. and who seek an active and empowering methodology for this work. Check out the “thrive” tab to learn more and book coaching work with me through my online booking system.


Intuitives who desire a deeper, empowered and confident connection to alternative wisdom and their spirituality. Check out the tab “wisdom” or below for cacao ceremonies throughout the Otago region and Wellington.


Organisations who value their people deeply and desire sustainable and cohesive creativity, efficiency and high performance. In person and remote support and training is available throughout Australasia and covered under consulting insurance. Check out the “organisations” tab to learn more or email me to arrange a meeting.


I have several options for funding support for individuals and organisations to receive up to 80% of their support funded. See more info below or email me to discuss further.


I look forward to supporting your journey and hearing from you.

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