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The Dog Safe Workplace is here to help reduce the number of dog related incidents that occur when workers (employees, contractors, labour hire, and volunteers) enter premises where dogs may be present.

By providing a deep understanding of canine behaviour, we enable workers to accurately recognise and interpret dog signals. This knowledge allows them to proactively mitigate risks and ensure their safety when encountering dogs on the job.

Dog bites can cause physical injuries and emotional trauma for your workers. Our training significantly reduces the likelihood of such incidents, saving you from costly medical expenses, ACC levy increases, and potential legal issues through the Health & Safety at Work (2015) Act.  By investing in staff safety around dogs, you demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being. A safe work environment fosters higher staff retention rates as workers feel valued, protected, and supported in their roles. Our training positively impacts job satisfaction and overall morale.

Our training programs ensure compliance with occupational health and safety requirements as well as industry standards, enabling you to meet or exceed the necessary regulations.

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