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Our charitable organisation advocates for the diverse and complex learning needs of children with high learning potential. We are overseeing the running of a specialist education programme for gifted children in Taranaki, and offer support and resources to families and schools.

Being smart is often perceived as the ‘Golden Ticket’ in life but so many bright children do not achieve in school and the reasons can be various. Children can feel lonely or isolated as they struggle to find meaningful friendships amongst their age peers as interests can be vastly different. Sometimes their learning needs can be complex: from how new content is learned, the pace and depth of learning and even if a learning disability is masking their high potential. These are special learning needs and if these children don’t find adequate support it can lead to mental health issues, disruptive behaviour and disengagement from education.

Our Trust caters for the diverse and complex learning needs of our brightest young minds by facilitating a one-day-pull out programme with the support of their home schools. Children get taught a tailored curriculum by specialist teachers in a small class room of up to 16 students.

You can find further information on our website or contact us via [email protected]

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